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Aerys said:
Mr Puggsly said:

We all like Uncharted 4, some of us just dont think its as amazing as others feel.

My comment wasnt silly but your questioning it is.

I think everyone found your comment silly, saying that any playstation fan will prefer U4 just because that would be the only game they have ( which is false) is insulting and flaming and as silly as saying that the only reason you would prefer TR is because you are a xbox fan.

It is a very silly comment indeed. I have a ps4, xbox one, xbox 360*, AND PC.  If i wanted to play ROTR I could have. I did not find the first one good, so I currently have no interest in the second one.

I think UC4 is better - because I think it is better. The same reason I would have thought it was better if it some how was on the xbox 1 instead.

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