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LudicrousSpeed said:
AEGRO said:

First of all, you are lying about Sony. They didnt "had it" last year.

Actually, Xbox One has just Quantum Break for this year. If you want to count a shitty XBL game as Cobalt or Ori, a game from last year, or even a Killer Instinct DLC, i would say that you are just trying hard to include every List Filler to hide the fact that the first half of this year has been disastrous. 

Do i have to remind you that Quantum Break was underwhelmingly received by the press and also flopped sales wise?

BC is cool, but to say that someone is fine because they can battle the droughts with Xbox 360 games is laughable at best.

And finally, so what if E3 is weeks away?

Do you think that they are going to announce new games AND release them this year? 

This years Line-Up is already planned, and no matter what they reveal at E3, the list wont change.

For starters, don't tell me I am "lying". You're more than welcome to disagree with my opinion, but I don't give a shit enough to lie about it. Also, try toning down your salt levels a bit. I'm getting dehydrated just by reading your retort.

MS has more than Quantum Break this year. I listed other things. I don't care for your list wars BS. Others have replied to me and included a yearly sports update and a remaster in their list of things Sony brought by this time in 2015. Where is your reply to them about those "not counting"? And season three of Killer Instinct is more than just "a DLC" :)

You can remind me of your opinions about QB's reception and sales all you want, it's just more irrelevant salt sprinkled in.

Lastly, I never said anything about games being announced at E3 2016 and releasing in 2016. Try maybe reading the OP. He's concerned MS is throwing in the towel. He'll get his answer at E3, which is only a few weeks away. Hope that helps.

If you say (which you said) that the situation of Microsoft this year is the same as Sony's of last year, yes. You are indeed lying.

Why would i be salty when i actually own a Xbox One. It would be silly for me to bet against the console when i opened my wallet and spent money buying the console.

Also, im not fighting any list war, the OP is clear enough and im obviously commenting in regards of the Original Post.

Finally, i think you are being too agressive towards me. Calm down a bit so we can continue this discussion in peace bro.