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phelipefabres said:
It's just a way of the people that was defeated in the last election to get the control of the country again. In Brazil, they stopped the country so the people started to lose jobs, the inflaction is goin up and all these men that you cited above are beneficiary of something. So, it's a coup

I'm brazilian and a I second this.


But let's look at the facts.


1) Michel Temer, was the Vice-President from Dilma Rousseff's campaign. Meaning they were both together. (WHY? See item list #4)

2) Michel Temers party, the PMDB, is the biggest political party in Brazil, having elected 7 out of 27 governors and more than 1k mayors in 5k cities. It might not be huge, but consider this is just but one political party, and there are 35 in Brazil at the moment.

3) PMDB is the "democratic" name of the old MDB party, which was leading the charge against Brazils dictatorship. This is a good thing, right? Well, it was supposed to be. Except that the MDB incorporated almost all extreme-right-wing politics that were in power from Brazil's dictatorship. Hence why the party is recognized as the "slut" party. Because it takes everyone, from left to extreme-right. FYI, Harvard Law and Economics Professor, Roberto Mangabeira Unger, former one of Lula's minister and professor of Obama in college, is a PMDB affiliate.

4) That is exactly why Temer was Dilma's Vice. She had the planning, he had the strength to make it work, since almost 70 congressmen(out of 513) are from PMDB, this is a way to pass any bills or regulation. It was a solid plan, right? No. (WHY? See item #9)

5) Many old presidents used PMDB as a second force, so Rousseffs plan was already known.

6) Temer was the PMDBs national president, now it's Romero Jucá, one of his ministers.

7) PMDB is the most corrupt party in Brazil, as stated by the TSE, which is the organ that organizes elections and come up with statistics from elections. PMDB had the biggest number of politics investigated and involved in scandals from 2003 to 2012(last census).

8) Last 4 elections came down to PT vs. PSDB. The PSDB is the second biggest party in Brazil and it was built upon the PMDB. Some politicians did not like what PMDB had become and started the PSDB, and that turned out very well for them. PSDB is the most influential party in Brazil as most of Brazils media giants are affiliated in this party. For example, Luciano Huck, one of biggest entertaining names in Brazils television is a PSDB affiliate.

9) PT is a secular center-left party and PMDB is a christian "center-all-around" party with almost 60% of its core being extreme right-wingers. (PMDB stats from Party's official website(pmdb..org..br))

10) PMDB holds control over most poltical parties since it's the most powerful one (PP, PPS, PRB, PTC, PSC, PRTB, DEM, just to name a few). So normally, when PMDB decides something, all of those follows.

I could go on to write 50 more facts, but I won't. I'll cut it down now.

It's a coup.

PSDB lost 4 elections straight and PSDB and PMDB are like family. A very stupid and aggressive family. PT is also a very stupid party, but PT made those awful alliances because they needed to, not because they wanted. PSDB did them outside elections, because they wanted it. They could have easily said "no".

Dilma is accused of a responsability crime regarding the states budget. And yes she did it, and so did 11 governors just like her and even worse. However, this is not a crime in Brazil. An impeachment in Brazil must be backed up by a responsability crime, which Rousseff did not commit according to Brazil laws. So why is she being thrown out of office? Because opposition can't seem to find a way to regain the presidency with normal elections. So they say she's corrupt.

She probably is, she's been mentioned time and time again in corruption scandals, nothing has been proved, but her name is there all over the place, however Temer has already been mentioned, accused, trialed and found guilty of many corruption scandals. Some of his ministers too!

The guy who lead the charge against Rousseff in congress, Eduardo Cunha? Guilty of many charges of corruption. Waldir Maranhão? Guilty too. Renan Calheiros? Another one that breathes corruption.

Makes no sense to me to say corruption is destroying the country and then put an even more corrupt government in there. One that nobody voted in, and one that according to survey from last week, and as Gleen Greenwald posts in his article @ The Intercept and I quote: "Only 1% would vote for Temer if he had ran for president". There are absolutely no excuses to this. Well, there is one: because opposition want to. It's not a valid one and it violates the democractic state, but its certainly an excuse.


What's the biggest problem? What lead to this happening?

IMHO, religion.

Brazil is a TOP 5 most religious country in the world, with more than 90% of the population considering themselves as religious and of those 90%, 75% are christians. 40% are catholic while 30% are protestants and rapidly growing.(Stats from the religious census 2011)

Christians in Brazil have their own political party(PSC) and have so much influence in politics in general. When Temer took over the presidency, he had a Protestant Preacher to pray with him. This is against Brazils constitutional law, as it says clearly that Brazil is a secular state.

This is so big that 60% of congressman are religious and 80% of senators. This gets even bigger when you realise that in Brazil, a preacher describes himself as an enterpreneur. This is what I like to call "selling faith as business".

There are bishops in the senate(Bispo Marcelo Crivela), preachers running for presidency(Pastor Everaldo) and people in Brazil support this.

However, being such a conservative society takes its toll when you want to a free society. Churches in Brazil pay no taxes, grows by the hour and most preacher, fathers, go on to advertise politics in mass or whatever it is the name of the protestant cerimony. This is real, this is not some religious-fiction novel.

Most of politicians in Brazil are extreme-right, or conservatives, because of this. They are corrupt, so they need votes, they buy votes giving money to a church, the church talks that politician up as a "politician of good morals and values and a believer in God" and people vote for that guy. The guy gets elected and the chain of suffering, as I like to call it, is all over again.

From the 35 political partys in Brazil, 28 are religious based, meaning they consider religion as the most important subject in society.

Brazils preachers use Twitter, Facebook and whatmore to influence millions of protestants to vote and or to do something. For instance, the very first homossexual kiss in Brazils TV happened in 2014 if I remember correctly. I've been watching gay kisses since 1994 on Friends, come on! The soap opera that did the homossexual kiss also got down ratings in views and there were protests against it on the streets.


EDIT: For the non-Brazilian, I'll just leave some non-brazilian coverage of what's happening. Of course, some of these videos can look a bit biased so take it with a grain of salt. Its still better than to watch Brazilian videos that are totally biased, wether from the right or left-wing politicians.

Democracy Now - https://youtu.be/N1csqcTvU9Y (On the situation)

The Young Turkshttps://youtu.be/GZ2cOLXByq8 (On the situation)

RThttps://youtu.be/iX28UR7Y9QM (on Temer and the WikiLeaks info)

CNN https://youtu.be/FMb9TLyCgU8 (TV Globo, Brazil's biggest media, banned this video from regular TV, can only be accessed through internet)