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mai said:

I've got few questions to ask residents of the Brazil.

- What is deal about Rousseff impeachment? Why now? What are the reasons behind this?

- Waldir Maranhao, Renan Calheiros, Michel Temer etc. Who are these people? I mean what their interest in the situation?

- How this will end up, your thoughts? What consequences are to be expected?


First question: There is a policial operation happening in Brazil called "Lava-Jato" that involves a lot of politicians and businessman that, unlike what happened with past presidents, Dilma is not helping any of them to get rid of the charges, so these people wanted to taker her down so they don't go to jail. There is no corruption charges against Dilma, the only thing she is involved is with these "pedaladas fiscais" (someone explained it alrealdy), but all the presidents did that before and none suffered an impeachment for this reason. Also, since we are suffering with lots economic problems, the population pretty much accepted that it is all her and her party (PT) fault, although the legislative is much more responsible for what happen and PT doesn't have the most seats. The strongest party in the legislative is PMDB, the vice president's party, which made an alliance with PP, DEM, PSDB and other smaller opposition parties and controls around 70% of the legislative (they need 66% to get the impeachment going). By the way, I never said there is no corruption inside PT, to be honest it is one of the parties involved with most corruption, I'm just saying that they are being accused by part of the populition as if every problem is their fault

Also, about the "pedaladas fiscais", the court responsible for judging the executive power expenses (it is refered as TCU) had to judge all past years since the 90's to charge Roussef in one day, because they did never cared about it before, and they just approved all past years, even those that had the same problem.


Second question: All these people are being charged of corruption. Calheiros, the senate president, and Maranhão, chamber of deputies vice-president, are allied to Dilma's government, while Temer (vice president), Cunha (removed chamber of deputies president, which is probably the most corrupt person in Brazil, something both government and opposition agree), Aécio (he was 2nd in the president election) and other people you may have read about are opposition (there are other Government allies involved too, but these two are the most known allies in the legislative).

An interesting fact about Temer is that he was charged for some irregularities during a political campaign on May 5th 2016 and cannot participe of any election for the next 8 years (source: http://g1.globo.com/sao-paulo/noticia/2016/05/temer-e-ficha-suja-e-fica-inelegivel-por-8-anos-diz-promotora-eleitoral.html ). This way he is the first president in Brazil's history that has been condemned in a court (the first "ficha suja", as the site says).

Third question: It is probably gonna end up with many corrupt politicians not being arrested, since they will do everthing to stop "Lava-Jato". Dilma will probably suffer the impeachment and won't be able to be elected for 8 years, though I think she would stay away of politics anyway. Brazil's economy should see an improvment sooner than if Dilma was still the president, because Temer is closer to the deputies and should be able to aprove some economical and fiscal changes. And, in my opinion, political crisis will continue untill we have new elections, because part of the population already noticed that it is not only because of Dilma and PT that we have these problems, in fact we had some protests against Temer already.


Maybe you don't know, but there are parties which are not allied neither to government nor to the opposition that want a new election. They are based on the fact that TSE (the court responsible for judging irregularities during elections) charges both Dilma's and Aécio's campaing of using money from illegal donations. I agree with these parties, although you may say I am not being impartial because I voted on their candidates, and there is a considerable part of the population that support this idea. I really want to have new elections for both executive and legislative this year, but it seems unlikely, if we have I think it will be only for president.