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Slarvax said:
JRPGfan said:
no one is gonna use Popplio.... doesnt look good.

Rowlet & Litten look much better.

U wot m8!? Popplio is cool and silly. And a clown. He's top tier starter. Litten, on the other hand, looks like a barfed cat.

Rowlet is fine.

OT: besides the Pokemon themselves (which I'm sure we will all get used to them later on), it looked pretty good. No more 8-grid movement, gameplay looks like cutscenes from XY/ORAS (so no more chibi looking people), customization is back, and the region looks quite big and interesting. Pretty good.

Popplio is my choice right now. I'm really liking the game how it looks so far and I really can't wait. I've seen a lot of popplio fans so :D

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