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DivinePaladin said:
foolalay said:
What is Swords & Soldiers II like?

I have no clue, honestly.  

Slarvax said:
Ah damn. How did not see this!? I'd like Swords & Soldiers II, if you still have it.

Also, anyone knows when the bundle ends? I might get it next week with my writer pay...

Check your PMs in a minute!  It's all yours.


To anybody that hasn't gotten something yet: I've still got that 3DS theme left...come on, you know you want it!  ...Please?


Anyway, that's all I've got for this giveaway, I hope everybody enjoys the games they chose!  And a humble plug of my channel one last time before I leave the thread for anybody else who wants to chime in and give away some humble codes!  The link to the channel is in the OP, and to quote my friend, it's "decidedly average."  (Joke aside, any feedback is greatly appreciated - so far people have enjoyed it!)  Right now I'm looking for suggestions on what YOU want to see me review in the next few weeks, so chime in!  Anything is on the table, so long as I can find and play it!

can i have the theme

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