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When I was about 6, we had a swing in our front lawn. Don't know why but there were ropes hanging off of the top of the swing and I was alone and started playing with them. Then my neck was trapped in the ropes somehow and I got pulled up. Lost my breath for about a minute or two before someone saved me.
Also when I was 10 I got myself locked up in thee trunk of the car and it had no air passage. My father was on his way to work by foot. Thankfully my bro heard me and brought the keys from my father.
Also one time I don't remember when but I was with my father at his friends house and a 30 foot long 12 foot wide heavy shelf hanging on the wall fell on me. If was not sitting on a chair that thing could have crushed my tiny body.
Also got almost hit by a car, a rickshaw hit me on the head but stopped thankfully and I was chased and cornered by angry red hounddogs

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also