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Hynad said:
SvennoJ said:
I pay $74 Canadian before tax for 270GB a month.
Just under 52 Euros before tax now the Canadian dollar is down a lot. Price hike announced, coming soon :(

The month is almost up and I have about 35GB left, my kids use most of it streaming video. Downloading Uncharted would be a no go. Plus my HDD is full, re-downloading games would be even worse. It's amazing we once 'survived' on a 60GB limit. (Kids weren't born yet)

I don't know what city you're from, but I pay $65CAN (tax included) for unlimited download at 30mbps.

Rural Ontario, only option is Rogers cable (phone line options are all 5 mbps here) For $68 you only get 125GB
Unlimited starts at $88 a month, is almost worth it not to get that 75% reached warning every last week of the month.