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Haven't you already done a very similar thread?

Anyways, I couldn't even imagine having a data cap. That would suck so much. It's also pretty much unheard of here in the UK. Only the cheapest/worst of the worst internet has data caps. I think I was with a supplier once where basic internet was free with the phoneline (with data cap) or their real internet (much faster and no datacap) was only £5 a month. So yeah, would have been silly to go with the data cap one there

Although I still don't buy digital. I'm not going to pay an extra £10-£20 for what I consider to be less of a product. Maybe if Sony/MS sorted their digital prices out I would, but as it is physical is just cheaper. Crazily enough even though Steam are much better than those two sometimes it's even cheaper to buy PC games physically rather than digitally.

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