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IWhat happened to developers being able to fit mountains on a DVD? The Bluray and 50GB, thats what. To much available space has made deelopers lazy. but anyhow...

've found finally found an internet deal that will allow me to go, somewhat, digital in my gaming. My ps4 with its broken lazer, taking hours to install a disk...if at all and Uncharted 4 's file size which would currently cost me 75 euro for the game and then 106 euro for the internet data cost on 3g prepay...plus future updates/patches. So now, instead of buying a new ps4 or waiting for the one...NEO, I've added another bill to the pile of 80 euro a month for 250 gb of data. Its all so damn pricey....fuck..

How pricey is your internet consumption and/or your digital games after the base price, Data cost? Is 80 euro per month for 250gb, justified?


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