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hoala said:
Cobretti2 said:
Dirtying Image lol? Backstabbing Wii U owners lol?

NX is more important to Nintendo future then a few annoyed people.

the "few annoyed people", known as Wii U owners, are nintendos loyaliest and hardcore fanbase. Fucking them wont help nintendo, believe me ;)

I am a Wii U owner and a nintendo loyaliest but even I can distinguish between short term gratification vs long term gratification.

I was one of the people who said hell they should cancel the Wii U version. NX needs everything up it's sleeve to bolt out of the gates. 

What good will releasing Zelda U on a dead console do fo the future of Nintendo and me enjoying more of their games?  If NX tanks NIntendo are pretty much done dusted adios.