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Volterra_90 said:
Pavolink said:

They should have release it in 2015.
The only excuse for 2016 was the 30th anniversary.

But do you want to know why? Because it doesn't matter how many times they delay and lie in our faces, people will still defend them, regardless of how bad are their decisions. The problem is not Nintendo making bad decisions, but those supporting those mistakes

I agree with this. Look, I love Nintendo, I think it's the best videogame company out there, but there are choices that are just bad. They lied to us about Zelda, they delayed the game TWO YEARS. And now they're telling us that it's because "they need to improve the game". That's a lie, we know it, it's just to launch with the NX. I bought the 2016 delay, but I can't possibly buy this delay. Iwata himself said that the game was in the final stages of development, one month ago! This is just unjustifiable. They're keeping the game for themselves. They're willingly delaying the game, and they don't give a damn about WiiU owners right now. We supported them when almost anyone has bought the console (I mean, 13 M is not anyone, but it's nothing in the console market). And this is Nintendo's "thanks for your support". And people are defending them? Well, fuck you Nintendo. Thanks for pissing the fandom which support you these last 3 years. 

Yeah, it make sense business-wise, but sometimes I'd like them to do something which doesn't involve being a pain in the ass with Nintendo fans. Because they're constantly trying to bulshitting us. And I feel like I'm in a sado-masochist relationship right now. 

The best way to react to this is to start thinking how to not get yourself into this position again with Nintendo. For example, I'm not going to buy their system just for Smash and Mario Kart anymore and hope the usual home consoles games like a exclusive Zelda or a big 3D adventure Mario will eventually arrive. This didn't happen in Wii U. The trust for these great games to arrive in any Nintendo home console no matter the situation they find themselves is gone. 

I personally learn that Nintendo will not release ambitious single player games I'm use to expecting if the sales are horrible within its second holidays sales so I've learned to do the following:

1. Wait for the sales of NX after its second holiday sales. If its significantly less than 20 million, Nintendo will treat it like the Wii U.

2. Do not assume it will get the single player Mario Zelda, Metroid, etc game like the N64-Wii did. Wait for those games to release first. Don't buy the system hoping these will arrive because they used to.