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kowenicki said:
think-man said:
Wouldn't be over tracked by much. We are a month behind so it's probably well over 40 million now.

This is for the end of March.  VGC is at 39.8m end of march.

I'd say at least 500k to 750k overtracked.  Possibly higher.  Inventory has to be high for a high demand product. 



Very good gaming numbers.  BIg spend in R&D for Gaming this last year... PSVR + PS4.5?  Still not providing portable numbers.


Mobile is still not doing it and  Devices is struggling because other peoples mobiles arent doing it.  Financial services hit by Yen.  TV's have fallen back again.


Forecasts will be interesting.  Q4 results  v Q4 YOY not that great.  Which would perhaps show cost cutting is complete and any increases now will be down to improved performance rather than flat performance and cost cutting (sales and operating revenue are actually down YOY).


I'm wondering, could game development be considered R&D? I mean... it's development....

But when you exclude items, I'd say this is pretty good performance YoY imo. Also I think right about now would be a good time to buy SNE. I think when the forecast releases, its stock is gonna rise (wether it *should* rise or not is a different question). Yen seems to be strengthening, and the weak yen has really hit Sony hard in the last year due to a lot of dollar-denominated costs. Will be fun in a few weeks to see if I'm right! Although I'm holding SNE with a horizon of a few years rather than short term, so for me it doesn't change too much.