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Soundwave said:

I think MS like they did with the first XBox is going to bail on this generation cycle. They can't win it.

XBox 2 in fall 2017, full upgrade from XB1, 10 TFLOP processor (14nm) + 16GB HBM2 RAM, 2K-4K resolution support, 4K Blu-Ray, upgradable system, runs full Windows. 

That would require billions just in R&D and production alone(full upgrade). Given the average sales of the Xbox 1(even with significant price drops), I'm not so sure they would be so eager to go through the expense and process all over again after just 4 years. Just my opinion. I see them bowing out of the console race after the Xbox 1.

Do they have any exclusives listed for 2017 besides Scalebound and Recore??