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The right questions is
1) Ps4 Neo will be have huge different performance on the games. Will see for example U4 to run 1080p 60 fps on ps4 Neo?Developers will be bother to do that in all games?

2)Will be cost 299 to confirm that is a slim console plus more powrfull? or will be 400 that means new new ps4 and Sony screw as for good?

3) Sony talk about all that now or on E3?

4) Sony don't talk about that never and release the new ps4 quiet like CH11 CH 12 models ?

5)Sony loosing sells because all the rumors?

6) Why Sony killing us and don't say nothing?

7)PS4 is already 40 plus milions when will  celebrate for that?

8) When VGC update the numbers ?

Come on guys wiil must see forward and think all that more realistic and more about the future of PS