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CosmicSex said:
Cant wait for MisterXMedia lol!
Basically it doesn't matter what Microsoft does because if they don't have the market. Sony has beat Microsoft 3 generations in a row. Mostly because of brand. Microsoft needs to do whats in its best interest and get out of consoles.

Now i know that Phil said that another Xbox is coming but a device that allows for upgraded parts is a PC.

What would you do if you were Microsoft?

Microsoft is not #1 in many of its fields. That doesn't mean you close up shop and leave lol. I mean seriously........

360 was profitable since 2008 if you look up their quarterly reports. Now losing that gen to PS3 by what.....2 million consoles is not by any means a crushing defeat. If anything they were winning the majority as PS3 had to crawl up to them over the years and finally passed them.......when the succesors launched.

And Microsoft lately has been doing this thing of making money off competition. They have been making their services available on competition devices for the last few years, and making a ton more money in doing so. Same goes in gaming.......we really appreciate PS gamers helping to fund Xbox with the purchasing of Minecraft ;P. Same goes for porting games to PC......making money off gamers who wouldn't tradionally buy a console or a Xbox.

Xbox One is making par. Not the PS4, but certainly not the Wiiu. They just have to stay the course and start the next gen, but do it on the right foot this time.


Older and wiser. Still bias and proud though ;)