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Hiku said:

I like her style. Wonder if she can absorb the opponents health bar in typical vampire fashion.

According to the developers, Mira is a really strong character. She is a glass cannon character that belts out huge damage, but also comes with huge risk in almost everything she does.

Combat Trait

Mira's Combat Trait comes in the form of recoverable damage. Certain attacks that Mira performs inflict recoverable damage on her and she has to perform other moves to generate that health back. This is not to be confused with potential damage, that which affects everyone in Killer Instinct Season 3.

Many of Mira's attacks inflict recoverable damage on her, including her projectile, Reaping special move, air dash, and more. She can recover her health by using her Embrace command throw and its Ender. 

When Mira runs out of health, she will begin wasting recoverable health for any moves that require it. But if Mira finds herself completely out of health, any attempts to use said moves will come out as the version that doesn’t require blood to use or will be completely off limits.

Embrace is Mira's command throw that recovers her recoverable health, but doesn’t actually deal damage to the opponent. The light version remains on the ground and starts in 5 frames. 


What I could find about her, I didn't watch her stream =P.