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Azzanation said:
aLkaLiNE said:

What gives you the idea they've made any money?


@OP - if MS were smart, they would either leave the video game industry or try and coexist with the major players rather than throwing a bunch of money at a project that has failed to win three times now while making attempts to compete head on.  Instead, it looks like they're leaving direct competition with Sony to take on direct competition with Steam. They're kind of fucked and I feel like they're causing brand damage to Windows as a whole in light of recent developments.

Please enlighten me on how there not making money with all the consoles, software sold and the amount of Subscribers they have and how PC gaming is relevant with the competition in the living room?

Because they have tremendous R&D costs to make up for, employees to pay, server farms to power, development costs to eat, vastly lower than anticipated hardware sales which is important because they have a loss leading strategy, software is not selling like they had hoped (this is the big key to loss leading, you need massive software sales to make up for the losses on each console) they've had to make nunerous price cuts repeatedly to try and spur sales which didn't work, but definitely ate into the bottom line, uhm... I know I'm missing quite a bit more. The mere fact that they started hiding Xbox numbers this gen and only this gen should be a big red flag.


Did you know that they thought this gen had the potential to sell over 1 billion consoles? Did you know that they spent over 100 million in R&D for the controller alone? Did you know that they thought they would break even on MineCraft the same year they purchased the rights and studio (sold for 2.5 billion btw)


The point is they are extremely out of touch with their consumers and blinded by greed. They have no business in the gaming space and quite frankly with the amount of money they've invested, they're just bad at it.