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aLkaLiNE said:
Azzanation said:

They don't need to do anything, As long as MS are making money and making good games, they will ride the flow. Its not always about selling the most consoles, its about making money. The XB1 will only get cheaper to make from this point. If the PS4K doesn't sell then Sony will most likely lose money on it, same will happen with PS-VR and we know Sony isn't exactly the richest company out there.

MS doesn't care about the PS4K, that's Sony's investment to worry about. They are clearly happy with the specs of the X1 plus they already have access to the biggest gaming community out there with Windows.

Sony are the ones taking the risk here not MS.

What gives you the idea they've made any money?


@OP - if MS were smart, they would either leave the video game industry or try and coexist with the major players rather than throwing a bunch of money at a project that has failed to win three times now while making attempts to compete head on.  Instead, it looks like they're leaving direct competition with Sony to take on direct competition with Steam. They're kind of fucked and I feel like they're causing brand damage to Windows as a whole in light of recent developments.

Please enlighten me on how there not making money with all the consoles, software sold and the amount of Subscribers they have and how PC gaming is relevant with the competition in the living room?