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I cant believe people are only predicting 1 million first WEEK!!!!

This has been hyped for 3 years, the hype has NEVER been dissapated by bad vibes or anything, nothing but positive reviews have come from people who have played, every games magazine is covering it as a huge event, some people have bought the 3 previous 3D installments, the series gets universally brilliant reviews...

NO it will not surpass Halo 3 in launch week, because Americans fell over themsleves to buy a game that was basically a shorter and slightly better looking version of Halo 2.

HOWEVER 1 million 1st week sales would be a blow to Konami, who want that figure on day 1, and i say they will get 2 million first week, or as near as dammit.

Go Snake!

I hope my 360 doesn't RRoD
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