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Psychotic said:
HylianYoshi said:

If you do actually want to know, I don't believe in the "eye for an eye', solely because there are too many grey areas in the world for it to ever be a good idea as the end-all be-all. This is clearly not one of those grey areas. She knew what she was doing, there is not a doubt in my mind that she deserves much, much worse than what I mentioned, and the fact that she probably won't get what she deserves for being a shitstain of a human-being hurts me.

Right. There is no doubt in your mind that a person you don't like deserves to be excruciatingly tortured and immensely physically and psychologically damaged because it gives you a tingly feeling of justice. You hold exactly zero regard for anything like justice, approptiate punishment, humanity or rehabilitation. Just pure brutal vengeance.

That's what I meant.

OK, it's 4 am right and I'm starting to realize just how much like a Neanderthal I've made myself sound to you. You took my original post too seriously, but I feel like I thoroughly misrepresented my philosophy on this whole situation in my reply to you because I got caught up in the moment and wanted to defend whatever dumb thing I had just posted for the sake of an argument. Yes, she's horrible. But no, I wasn't thinking, and I don't believe in that kind of torture. End of story as far as the me right now is concerned.

You were correct, and I wasn't thinking. You may think I sound like some sort of suck-up, and fine by me. But I'm not going to continue arguing about a point that I more likely than not don't even believe in.

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