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Psychotic said:
HylianYoshi said:
If only they could send her to a male prison. There are some big scary dudes in there that would love to show this so-called "friend" a little bit of irony.

It's funny how commonplace this mentality still is, isn't it?

Eye for an eye has been largely understood to be a terrible and unjust idea even before BC turned into AD, at yet some people still get off on the thought of doing X to a person who did X to show them that X is wrong.

If you do actually want to know, I don't believe in the "eye for an eye', solely because there are too many grey areas in the world for it to ever be a good idea as the end-all be-all. This is clearly not one of those grey areas. She knew what she was doing, there is not a doubt in my mind that she deserves much, much worse than what I mentioned, and the fact that she probably won't get what she deserves for being a shitstain of a human-being hurts me.

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