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SuperNova said:
hershel_layton said:

Our system is fricken rigged...Family member of mine got 10 years for simply having weed. Why the hell do rapists get such low times?


Smoking some weed<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


Hope she dies tbh. Wouldn't care at all. I'd actually be happy.

That is so fucked up. I'm sorry. :(

Yeah. Rape actually has the same penalty as piracy. You usually only get the really high times when  A.) the elites money is being messed with  B.) Murder C.) bias is being played. The U.S. system still has major problems with equality before the law, as far as I'm aware. Black people still stand worse chances in court and usually get higher sentences for pettier crimes, same goes for people of lower economic standing. It's a mess.

At least in this case there's no way either one of them is going to walk.

If her and her buddy get sent to jail, they'd probably learn a lesson taking a shower w/ big black dudes.


Let them drop the soap and see how it feels like. Scumbags.

Who ever thought friendship meant so little?



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