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HideoK said:
jake_the_fake1 said:
Sigh, I'm ranked 85th for for 2016, I haven't been able to play any PS3 or PS4 games since a stupid storm took out both my Panasonic Plasma TV and PS4, and no I wasn't playing anything when the storm hit, in fact my TV and consoles were all turned off at the wall but it looks like the TV antenna cable must of charged up or something during the storm and some how killed my TV and then killed my PS4 via HDMI, my PS3 survived because it had a HDMI splitter that separated it from my TV.

Now I'm stuck right in the middle, do I wait for the PS4k since it seems to be real and pick up a 4k 1st gen Panasonic Oled TV (assuming it has low input lag and comes out this year) Or look towards fixing my 7 year old Plasma TV along with buying a PS4 power supply from Ifixit (though I can always trade it in to EBgames since they take dead units).

I think I might bite the bullet and just hold off from spending money, may as well save until I know how much a Panasonic 4k Oled will cost as well as how much the PS4k will actually cost, I guess there is always time to fix my stuff if the other things are way to expensive.

Damn that really sucks. Sorry to hear that happened... even when all your gear was turned off. Scary. Did you have your HDTV/PS4 plugged into a high joule surge protector and/or a UPS?

Not sure how easy is it to install a PS4 power supply, but I would likely go that route myself since PS4K probably won't hit until 2017. I had my PS3 power supply fail and I was easily able to fix it after buying a replacement for $15 on eBay and watching a youtube video. I see the PS4 power supplies go for $35-$40 on eBay.

Also I'd call Panasonic and see if they can send out a repairman or at least get a quote to make your decision. You may be looking at only $150-$250 to fix your HDTV. Could be a good idea to repair it anways so that if your new set ever fails you can fall back immediately to your plasma.

I'm really excited to own a 4K OLED set myself with all the new dolby vision features (High dynamic range/expanded color gamut). Hope the input lag will be low on those sets. However, the new LG 65-inch is priced at $8,000 so they're still way, way out of my price range. Absolute most I'd be willing to spend right now would be half that so looks like it will be quite a while before I can afford a 65 inch. Will have to keep an eye on the new Panasonics. I like Panasonic better than LG. Wish Sony would get back into the OLED market. For now I'll stick to my 1080p Sony 55W900A. Didn't go with 4K two years ago because I knew A) PS4 couldn't display it, B) barely any 4k content was available, C) the 4K spec was not yet finalized, and D) the input lag on the 4k's I saw were at least double to triple that of the W900A (19ms). Also can't believe it took the movie industry over 2 years to get 4K blurays out. That might have swayed me more on a 4k set if movies were available then. 

Yep I had my Plasma TV, PS3, and amp connected to my surge protector (cost me over $100AU), had this set-up since I bought my TV in 2008, in 2013 I added my PS4. All was good for those 7 years, many electrical storms came and went and I never had an issue and this is despite my TV being connected directly to the antenna for tv channels. But I think my mistake was NOT connecting the antenna cable though my surge protector, I figured it would be ok and I guess I was justified for those 7 years of no problems, but clearly my luck run out. Next time I'm either gonna dump the antenna cable or connect it through a surge protector (I know the surge protector doesn't protect against lighting, but at least it should take one for the team and give a higher chance of my equipment surviving).

I've already contacted Panasonic, since my TV is way out of warranty they have simply given me the details of a local Panasonic Authorised repair centre, but it's gonna cost me about $150AU just to have the TV assessed (TV guys need to come pick it up, find out what's wrong, then quote me the repair of the TV). Now seeing as not only is the power supply dead, it's possible that the main board is dead too since that's where the antenna is, so I'm roughly estimating around $500AU to $1,000AU based on some spare parts websites I've seen just to repair my 7 year old TV. Currently money is tight so when things are combined, I''m stuck in this limbo of save to repair, or save for a new TV.

I like Panasonic over both LG and Samsung, so I'm hoping Panasonic come out swinging and release a killer Oled TV, but their first one is rumoured to cost about $15kAU....I'm hoping not, but nothing official has come out yet, at least non that I know about.

I wish that Sony+Panasonic Oled venture had actually worked out, but it looks like they couldn't get their shit together which is why Panasonic is now sourcing their Oled panels from LG, so despite LG and Panasonic panels being the same, I'm thinking that Panasonic image processing hardware, which in the past has been awesome with plasma, will now be awesome for Oled.

As for 4KTV's and content, I didn't really care, I was more than happy with native 1080p on my TV from the PS4. But now with PS4k being almost but certainty, Oled TV's and it's tech gaining traction over that inferior LCD tech, with prices coming down year on year....now 4k TV's and it's content has my attention, the question for me is weather I can afford it all, and if the rumour of a Panasonic Oled costing 15k are true, then the answer is no... at least for now.

For the time being I think I'll just wait and save, sucks that I can't play my PS4, but I still have my PS3 and PSvita, so I'll have to play my PS3 on my PC monitor, or I'll just play way more vita games now....anyways, bring on the 4k  Oled TV's Panasonic and Sony!