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Mike_L said:
S.Peelman said:

Our country doesn't really look like that mostly.

People here think they're going to "nature" for some leisure time, but in reality they aren't really because we barely have any in our country; we made almost every square millimeter of it ourselves.

Our Queen is from Argentina, which means our future Queen is by law a "non-western foreigner".

To keep with the tradition set by Qwark, we always lose everything. We also lost a singing contest to a woman with a beard.

For anyone that doesn't know, I'm talking about The Netherlands, and why give only one random fact when you can give four!

Denmark in a nutshell XD

The last places where nature still dominates, politicians will gladly approve the construction of a highway or a bridge in order to make travel time 8 minutes faster. And yet they struggle to figure out why we're the 5th worst country in Europe regarding to tourism.

We're the happiest people in the world but that's certainly not because of our nature which is boring. Our highest point is 183 m (600 feet)  -____-

Our highest point is outside of Europe . But even disregarding that one, damn 183 meters is even lower than our ~300 meters. Lower than some of the chimneys of the refineries in the harbors here!

I've been to Denmark once for a two week holiday about a decade ago, and while it was pretty flat, I don't remember it striking me as being that flat. I do remember thinking it was pretty though, and it had the widest beach I've ever seen (Rømø). And the coolest bridge.

Although, going back to highest points, if I'd cheat and we would exclude the southern part of Limburg (I mean, they're hardly Dutchmen anyway (harharhar >:) )), no place would even get to a hundred lol.