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Mike_L said:
AmericanAli said:

I meant GDP ingeneral, so basically the economy and in that aspect the US is the undisputed king with currently 17,5 trillion and china at 11 trillion and india is even below 3 trillion i think and all these small nothern european countries are not even in the top ten. What use it has to talk about you say? I don't know just take a look around which country has the most companies internationally, which country's culture is every country adapting to? Economic strenght these days is more important is more important than millitary strenght but none the less, the US has both and i am proud of it!

Good for you. You're perfectly entitled to be proud of that :)

I'm proud of the general living standards in Denmark (and the other Scandinavian countries) and our general high happiness (no one is left behind).


Additionally, I'm proud of how many refugees we've helped in spite of the size of our country being less than 43,000 km2.


No. Country Natives per refugee
1  Sweden 65
2  Norway 103
3   Switzerland 112
4  Austria 138
5  Netherlands 200
6  Canada 224
7  France 246
8  Denmark 310
9  Germany 328
10  Belgium 346
11  Luxembourg 414
12  Russia 449
13  Finland


14  United Kingdom 526
15  Italy 641
16  Bulgaria 667
17  Australia 685
18  Ireland 756
19  United States 1210
20  Hungary 2393
21  Poland 2420
22  Iceland 3070
23  Lithuania 3175
24  New Zealand 3284
25  Czech Republic 3337

In my city alone there are millions of refugees and through drug smuggling they are richer than all the natives. They are also trying to become citizens and they are 10 times or more than the local population cause they give birth to 10 kids and have converted a place that used to be called little Paris for its beauty to a garbage dump. It all started in 1979 when our foolish dictator let them in and started a war with Russia which it won but the USA forgot about it pretty quickly and our politicians and military are still USA's bitch. This gave rise to terrorism because USA trained afghans to fight Russia and after the war Russians and Americans left toys for the afghans to play around with. The Afghans still love Kalashnikov. And they killed thousands of people of our city our province and our country. But the country itself is screwed up and kills the people of our province and steals our resourses without helping the locals. So I have a deep rooted anger towards the goofballs that started this madness ruined my city and province and our still doing the same to nations around the world with their state sponsored terrorism and their so called war on terror which is actually a war for profit.

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