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Mike_L said:
AmericanAli said:

You are jealous because your country isn't as rich and strong as the United States. We have the money and the power, and that's all that matters in this world. Stop crying!

Easy now big guy XD

Overall USA is rich compared to countries with smaller populations. E.g. 5.7 mill people (Denmark) vs. 322.4 mill people (USA).

It's a bit different when we look at GDP per capita. List is from The World Bank and numbers are from 2014.


1 Luxembourg 116,664.3
2 Norway 97,307.4
3 Qatar 96,732.4
4 Macao SAR, China 96,038.1
5 Switzerland 85,594.3
6 Australia 61,925.5
7 Denmark 60,707.2
8 Sweden 58,938.8
9 Singapore 56,284.6
10 United States 54,629.5
11 Ireland 54,374.4
12 Netherlands 52,172.2
13 Iceland 52,004.5
14 Austria 51,190.8
15 Canada 50,235.4
16 Finland 49,823.7
17 Germany 47,821.9
18 Belgium 47,352.9
19 United Kingdom 46,332.0
20 New Zealand 44,342.2
21 United Arab Emirates 43,962.7
22 Kuwait 43,593.7
23 France 42,732.6
24 Brunei Darussalam 40,979.6
25 Hong Kong SAR, China 40,169.5
26 Israel 37,208.0
27 Japan 36,194.4
28 Italy 34,908.5
29 Spain 29,767.4
30 Korea, Rep. 27,970.5


What's the point in talking overall wealth? That doesn't always say much about the circumstances for the individual citizen.

Due to their huge populations China and India are projected to overtake the USA in overall wealth within the next 10 and 50 years, respectively. Will you be praising the overall wealth of those countries as well when that day arrives?

Additionally, Indonesia is projected to overtake Japan by 2050, again because of the huge Indonesian population.

Exactly. But this guy thinks his country is holy. Hahaha His country is just that a country. Sure it annoys the hell out of the world but its a country like the hundreds around the world. But many in America can't accept the truth and think USA is something special. It is most certainly not. The only thing special is the propaganda the people of that nation can swallow. It is not the greatest country in the history of the world because there is no greatest country. It is just a country and they have to accept that. Oh and the purchasing power of the Chinese is now higher than USA. One day it will be more rich than the USA. One day no one will even remember USA or any of today's country. They'll be like 'oh I read about it in the history book. Can you believe the people there thought it was something special.' And that's the harsh truth 'patriots' have to accept but can't.

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also