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sabvre42 said:
FallingTitan said:


They will focus on both its not hard.  Especially for the giant MS is.  Remember Microsoft can buy Sony company 100 x over and be financially fine still. 


THERES NO WAY IN HELL THEY WILL LOSE THE XBOX LIVE INCOME!!!!  Millions of people giving them 50 bucks a year.  Do the math.


btw i voted nx cuz im a huge nitty fan, but also have a x1 and gaming pc with r9 390 oc'd.  

So yes a pc gamer can also game on consoles.  Its not hard. sometimes i stream from my xbox...but wish I could stream from my pc sometimes depending where i want to play in the house.

Rofl, where do you come up with this shit?

Microsoft could not buy Sony. Sony is a large conglomerate, consisting of gaming, music,  movies,  electronics,  and even insurance. It would have to be a merger, with MS having the brand control, and very large controling stake. 

MS isn't even a large percentage gaming. You seem to think the board would approve the largest venture in company history to help something like 5% of the revenue.

no im saying ms could do it.  And Sony is bleeding money they had to sell their Head quarters last year to pay bills.  The only line they make money in is the ps4 line.  They have exited the laptop game and soon will exit the phone game.


They sold 27 million phones last year and didn't make a profit in that sector.  Go figure!  Soon after they will be a gaming company only.