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The Banner Saga 2, Shadowrun 2, Half-Life 3 (überlol), Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Mount & Blade 2, Fortnite, Total War: Warhammer, Lost Ark, Star Citizen, The Bard's Tale 4, Torment: Tides of Numenera, Grim Dawn, Northern Shadow, KYN, Divinity: Original Sin 2, Escape from Tarkov.

Good times ahead, lots of good RPG's coming out, Escape from Tarkov looks badass as well, some of the folks from the STALKER team are rumored to be working on it as well. Mount & Blade 2 is another surefire hit, and Half-Life 3, of course, it it ever releases.

End of 2016 hardware sales:

Wii U: 15 million. PS4: 54 million. One: 30 million. 3DS: 64.8 million. PSVita: 15.2 million.