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Volterra_90 said:
I don't know if this info is true, but that's more or less what I expect. But hardware is not just CPU. I think XOne CPU is better than PS4 CPU, and still it struggles more with games.

its a good sign of what to expect though. The guys arrows in his comparison little thingy seems to indicate that the NX could potentially be considerably more powerful in terms of CPU next to the PS4/Xone. If that ends up being true then I would be surprised if the other hardware components weren't also more advanced

    there wouldn't be much point in going for competitive current specs and only picking certain aspects to do better. Nintendo tends to either go for a gimmick or go for solid specs, the Gamecube and Nintendo 64 for example were both pretty powerful for their generation (don't start with the whole memory issues with the cartridges for the N64, that's a different matter entirely).

this is interesting. at this point though, especially with the fake prototype things, probably safe to take all of these rumors with a grain of salt