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Ka-pi96 said:
Wow, you really went all in for Brazil! :o My only concern for somewhere like Brazil is that it would be too big to do it justice in a Pokemon region. I already get that feeling with France and Kalos and Brazil is quite a bit larger than France. If they were to make a truly huge Pokemon region that could be really cool, but I doubt they'll make one much bigger than anything they've done before. As for what I'd like...

Rumoured to be used for Sun/Moon anyway. But more importantly I'm a big fan of both tropical weather and having multiple islands and travelling between them. I'm a total Hoenn fanbear so would love something similar, except with more islands and most importantly... MORE WATER!

Oh yeah! I really went deep on my research when I went there... too bad there's not much you can do when you have only 2 weeks! :/ Only got to know South and Southeast... But well there's always a chance for a next time! ;)


Yes it's a reaaaaaaaaaaaally huge place and when I was travelling by there, seeing different animals/plants and craving for news about Pokemon Sun/Moon I just got on thinking  I was on my own Pokemon journey through the country! And man the country has every tipe of Biome for a whole game! I also think Hawaii would be great too! Even tho I've never been there


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