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Ka-pi96 said:
Wow, you really went all in for Brazil! :o My only concern for somewhere like Brazil is that it would be too big to do it justice in a Pokemon region. I already get that feeling with France and Kalos and Brazil is quite a bit larger than France. If they were to make a truly huge Pokemon region that could be really cool, but I doubt they'll make one much bigger than anything they've done before. As for what I'd like...

Rumoured to be used for Sun/Moon anyway. But more importantly I'm a big fan of both tropical weather and having multiple islands and travelling between them. I'm a total Hoenn fanbear so would love something similar, except with more islands and most importantly... MORE WATER!

Nintendo seriously needs to expand their games. Not everyone loves fighting competitively, which can ruin replay value of the game for many people.


Sun and Moon should incorporate a bigger world for the better. if not, the next games(or remakes) should be in a large place like Brazil or such.



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