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Hello guys! What I most like about Pokemon is how it really reflects the act of travelling, immersing in a new culture, visiting huge metropolis or little villages, seeing the wild life and knowing different people, etc.

As my favorite thing to do is travelling I though we could have a nice conversation of a place that would work out good for a Pokemon game and also give each other good trip advices...

As the good dollar helped me to visit Brazil, Argentina (and cross the border to Paraguai) I ended up realizing Brazil would be a perfect place to base on a New Pokemon game, also it is the country where the last Wold Cup happened and the new Olympic Games are going on this year!

First reason: Brazil has a wide variety of wild life, a huge territory with lots of contrasts, different locations, amazing National Parks and Landmarks...


So Brazil is a huge country, the biggest in South America and the 5th overall in the world it has 26 states and a Federal District, most of the states are VERY different of each other and have their own landmarks, the country is basicaly split in 5 Regions South, Southeast, Northeast, North and Center West, I'm gonna tell you guys a little bit of each region focusing on the ones I went, others I've only read about as the country is HUGE for a single trip!

This map shows the most famous landmarks of each state in Brazil... So let's talk about them:

Southeast: Probably the most popular region in Brazil, where is Rio de Janeiro, Espirito Santo, Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais each of this 4 states capitals could be cities in the game, I wen to Rio de Janeiro Sao Paulo and Vitoria (capital of Espirito Santo) and was really amazed by them!

Rio de Janeiro, called the Marvelous City and you can see why in the picture! It should be the most popular and the landmark city in the game, as Lumiose was in X / Y. It could feature a Flying pokemon Gymnasium as it has huge forests and a lot of bird life in its parks as seen in the movie Rio... There are Toucans, Macaws, etc and it could feature a Hang Gliding section as seen in the movie Rio.

Sao Paulo: When I was getting there I really understood why they call it Jungle of Stone, it's the biggest city in Brazil, Avenida Paulista was the best place I visited there, even thought I'm not really sure what in the Pokemon world could be based there, maybe just a huge metropolis, with those Muk-like pokemons or whatever as there was a river smelling awfull when I was hanging out in a cab.

Vitoria in Espirito Santo could be another Coastal City and the main building in the pic should be a temple hidden in the jungle where you would catch one of the game's Legendary Pokemon (maybe a huge Toucan like Pokemon?)

Minas Gerais - So I didn't visit this state but from what I've researched the most famous city is Ouro Preto, a colonial city with a lot of old architecture and mines, it could be a Village with one of those most loved Zubat filled caves in the game! :P

So let's move forward to the SOUTH Region, the land of the states: Parana, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul

Parana: I visited 2 cities in this state, Curitiba (the capital and) Iguazu Falls (border with Argentina and Paraguai) kinda on doubt cause this state really deserved 2 gyms... In Curitiba a Bug or Plant gym (because of the most popular landmarks Botanical Gardel / Wire Opera) it also has a huge eye shaped museum, maybe something like a Psychich institute/gym?

And in Iguazu an Electric gym (as it houses the country's biggest power plant, Itaipu) or maybe just give Iguazu Falls a Legendary Rainbow Pokemon that resides in the Iguazu Falls (yes you can see a rainbow there EVERYDAY!) (ARENT THEY IMPRESSIVELY AMAZING? imagine walking in a Pkoemon game through those catwalks?)

The Normal type gangsters (remember of Squirtle in season 1) Quatis (for real they steal food and stuff like crazy dudes!)

Moving on to Santa Catarina which is famous for this bridge...

and for being the SNOWY Region in Brazil (Sao Joaquim)

Rio Grande do Sul - I didn't visit it but in the frosty side of Brazil there is also this Snowland ThemePark would be cool wouldnt it?

There is als in Rio Grande do Sul The Jesuit Misions Ruins

Center West where are two States called Mato Grosso (North and South), Rondonia, Goiania and the Federal District!

At the Mato Grosso States is the Brazilian Pantanal, biggest wet area in the world (like the Everglades), it is full of wildlife, and could be the Safari, where you would need a horse like pokemon to explore it as it is all wetland/swamp/marsh! It is full of gators, ostriches and this WEIRD ANIMAL:

Goias: There's a Art Deco City there, also is the "Hot Springs of Brazil" maybe a Brock comeback when Ash and his friends go relax at the resort? :P

Brasilia Federal District it's the ultra modern capital of Brazil could be the home of the Pokemon League!

Brazil's North: Indian Tribes, Amazon Forest Acre, Amazonas, Rondonia, Roraima , Para, Macapa, Tocantins

Rondonia is just like Mato Grosso but there is this landmark which I found funny (Brazilin Warner Bros?):

Acre/ Amazonas / Para / Roraima seems to be all amazon forest, tribes, etc so I will combyne them all in one when i show you the pics:
native americans tribe in amazon
mount roraima... believe it or not!
amazon gym?
Cute village in Acre
Acre's Gym? (for real this state is so cute!)
Jalapao Desert in the state of Tocantins
Jalapao Oasis in the state of Tocantins
Going on to the Paradise region Northeast: Maranhao, Ceara, Rio Grande do Norte, Piaui, Paraiba, Pernambuco, Alagoas, Sergipe, Bahia
Lencois Maranhenses in Maranhao, is this even real? a desert full of water!?
Ceara's Beach Jericoacoara... Orange League Part 2 anyone?
Rio Grande do Norte is full of beaches, dunes, jeeps and CAMELS?
Believe it or not part 2... In Paraiba there's Praia da Areia Vermelha, a red sand island that is oftenly drowned in the sea, they say it appears for around 20 days a month! :O
Pernambuco is full of Coral Reefs, some of the beaches in this state aren't propper for swimming because of many SHARK ATTACKS!
Alagoas state... And I want a Reefeon evolution! (time for Eevee to be biTyped water and rock I choose you!
Bahia and its famous elevator... Also check out the colorful Pelourinho!
And FInally PIAUI and it's Pre-Historic caves, arts, caves and canyons (thats where the Fossil pokemon would be found!
The Military/Biologic Island thousands of kilometers from the continent Trindade Island! It's full of sunk ships
And THERE'S A LOT MORE! so Come on Nintendo, bring your Pokemon to Brazil!
Pokemon ideas:
Ancient Plant Pokemon: Level 1 like a Bulbasaur with a little "pinhao" in the back... It would evolve to the pinhao's "Pinha" and finally the "Araucaria" ancient plant Bulbasaur like pokemon
Toucan Pokemon
Guarana - Plant Pokemon
Gralha Azul Parana's Bird - Articuno is it you?
Antas from pantanal
Capivaras from Pantanal
Mico Leao dourado
brazilian dragon (fake animal from deviantart)
Onca pintada
Maria do Leque
Boto Cor De Rosa
Mula sem Cabeca (legend)
Curupira (legend)
Boitata (Legend)
Saci perere (legend)
Cuca the Aligator Witch (Legend)
Brazilian Fighting style: Capoeira
So what do you guys think? Should Brazil become a Pokemon Region?
What region would you suggest?
Peace S2

The Bitch is back! And better then ever! #BritneyReturns

SONY Bring them BACK for PS4 and VITA!