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ZahaDoom said:
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Minimum requirements for PSVR are less than half that of OR (1920x1080x60 vs 2560x1200x90) plus John Carmack stated consoles can get get twice the efficiency out of the hardware. You also need a lot less fidelity in VR games, they will be intense enough already and since the same resolution is spread over a much wider fov lod settings and draw distance can be much lower. So I'm really not worried about PSVR not being able to deliver.

It's funny though, at end of last gen the graphics were good enough and we didn't really need new consoles. Today Uncharted 4 is apparently already outdated and it's time for an upgrade. Where does all this insecurity come from.

I totally agree.

You last point made me think, there's always been this divide, these are "gaming" machines, but there's always this push for realism, where somehow graphics dictate how good a game is. A good "GAME" is hopefully fun, you have a good time while playing it.

 This is the Dungeons and Dragons I grew up playing... lol 


If the ps4 had to run just cell shaded basic graphics to run psvr well, I'd be happy, but games like RIGS prove the ps4 is QUITE capable of running modern 3d graphics while tracking head movements , 2 motion controllers, AND produce a second video image, plus handle 3 other controllers. 

 Honestly I think the ps4 has a ton if life left in it, 2 years easy if Nintendo's new console doesn't overpower it, and if Microsoft doesn't release another console the life could be even longer.

4K is definitely the future but there's not enough 4K TV sets out there yet, and 4K capable PC gaming rigs cost around $2000, unless AMD is willing to drop a custom generational leap processor in Sony's lap on the cheap, a REAL 4K gaming console is NOT releasing BEFORE October of 2017. 

The fact big name media outlets are running with a ridiculous rumor is sad.

Agree with all of this.