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GribbleGrunger said:

Yep, Sony need to send a copy of UC4 to every single developer and tell then that quality is what they expect from every PS4 game. Then when the PS4K releases, people with PS4s won't be so annoyed. It's an upgrade, not a downgrade ... but it's too late IMO. Sony never had time to put their messaging together, the messaging has been put together by the leakers.

This is the only scary thing about this whole situation. We have seen many times in this industry just what can happen once the media decides they don't like something. Hopefully Sony can get the real picture out to the news outlets soon before they decide they hate it before even knowing what it is.

Yep, it's genuinely worrying. I have bad feeling about this. I can't see how Sony can rectify this messaging because if they do it early, sales of the PS4 would fall because people will wait for the PS4K, so all they can do right now is let the media dictate that messaging and perception is everything.


The PS5 Exists.