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Ck1x said:
elektranine said:
How is this a big deal?
Android sales number in the billions each year.
Even counting only japan that would be 200+ million devices.
Most popular apps do way better than just a million installs.

This is the response exactly that I expect from most people on the Internet! Nintendo can be swimming in billions of dollars in profits by next year and people like you will suggest, ahh it's no big deal... such a classic, never change 

In 2016 over 1.5 billion are expected to be sold. In total over 3.7 billion andriod devices have been sold since 2013 alone. Android is literally so huge that Windows is no longer the #1 OS is use worldwide.

I was just stating the facts and there is no grand scheme to hate on Nintendo like you seem to believe. Their numbers are not bad they are just not as good as expected when compared to other big app publishers such as king and others.