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AlfredoTurkey said:
spemanig said:

Not unless you're already friends with them on Facebook or Twitter. That's not gonna go over well here.

Nintendo has and always will be very strict and careful about things like this because they don't want people luring kids into bed, or worse. I honestly think they'd rather jump on their sword and go out of business before going the rout of "anything goes" online interactivity. 

Leave it to you guys to find it as a negative for Nintendo allowing users of the app the ability to add friends by the 2 most popular social apps in the world! I don't get the logic here. Nintendo isn't handcuffing anyone in this situation, most people aren't real friends with people they follow on Twitter. People who have demonstrated themail app already state that it's not monitored, censored or anything like that and users can do or say what they feel. So once again, how does Nintendo get such negative comments for a brand new social app that has every chance to grow and update it's features. Oh yeah and it's free, so let's complain about that now to.