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spemanig said:
Soundwave said:

I think mobile will be the driver of Nintendo's business in the future (for better or worse).

This is where kids, casuals, and female players all are (mobile platforms) those are all Nintendo's strongholds they will thrive like crazy with smartphone apps. 

That and the movie licensing/toy stuff they will do well in. The NX stuff I'm skeptical of. 

It definitely won't be. Dedicated gaming will be.

As always.

We'll see in 3-4 years I suppose. 

This is 1 million users in a few days in basically just Japan with almost zero marketing and not much effort on Nintendo's part, they're not even flexing any of their IP muscle really. 

Imagine what some of their other IP with more effort put behind them could do. I think this is a large part of the future for them.