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Aeolus451 said:
SvennoJ said:

Kids nowadays right ;)
Back in my day I had to turn or change Laserdiscs every 45 minutes during a movie, max that fits on each side. And those are heavy :p

But it does feel a bit pointless to have to insert the disc if the game is fully installed anyway. If people were simply honest and uninstalled it before selling the disc. What a silly notion. We have a long way to go as humanity.

I rememeber trying to blow into NES and SNES cardridges for 10 mins just to get the game to work. Changing discs is easy peasy.

Try loading the same game from tape 4 times, hoping it will survive the wrinkle in the tape at 8 minutes this time. It could take half an hour to get hyper rally to work. Cotton swabs and alcohol at the ready to keep the tape heads clean. Still worth it.