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Why don't they just remove women from the game then....
Worst part is that censoring this game in particular doesn't even feel like a "decision", people who like(or at least have no problem with) anime tits are the ones buying this game and casual fans aren't going to buy this cause it has no dub so who the fuck are they targeting with this shit?At this point censoring games feels like company policy.
I don't care about whatever the NX is, if they go into a new gen with this kind of attitude I'm out, I only put up with this trash because I already had a Wii U.
Yeah it's an Atlus rpg and it's from the DeSu guy and it will still be good but this will be the most discontent purchase I've ever made.

I've never been more retroactively glad of something than I am now of Nintendo not buying Atlus, I can "accept" this because it's a dumb crossover project but the thought of playing SMTV on a Nintendo console and not seeing a dick on a carriage(look up Mara if you don't know what that is) fucking sickens me.
But people will defend this so what do I know...