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Azzanation said:
Bandorr said:

One is a game that was "moneyhatted" after it was mostly completed so they could compete with uncharted 4.

One is a game that wouldn't actually exist (at least in 2016) without all of Sony's help.

So one is delayed because of the money spent, and one is actually coming out much earlier because of the money spent.

Vastly different.

You need to do some reading. If you think theres a big difference between the two games on how they got developed your kidding yourself.


*Square-Enix stated previously that Microsoft are helping fund Rise of the Tomb Raider's development*

What difference does it make, both TR and SF were in bad postitions. You saying if it wasnt for Sony SFV wouldnt exist.. is the exact same thing in saying if it wasnt for MS, TR wouldnt exist. They both funded the projects and in TR's case, Sony didnt want a bar just like when MS didnt want a bar of SF. Both Square and Capcon wanted a company to help publish there game. First in first serve is exactly what happen.

There was always going to be another SF and TR game. Except you think Sony did no wrong with SF but MS did with TR. Thats the problem there. Infact Sony did worse becasue they completely moneyhatted the game to avoid other consoles where as MS didnt and still allow its competitors the game.

You give company money, they will give you exclusives.

Yet you say Sony "moneyhatted" SFV, but won't say the same about Microsoft and TR.