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Azzanation said:
HylianYoshi said:
Who's stupid idea was it to pit up RotTR against Fallout day one? Anyway, I'm glad to see that the game found more success on one of the platforms it deserved to release on DAY ONE.

Screw timed exclusivity. What's the point if you're going to release it on other platforms later on? Just to piss people off for a certain amount of time and walk away with the cash handed to you. I don't know anyone who goes out to buy a console when they know it'll come to their own in a matter of months.

Because MS helped SE out with funding. Why should the game come out on other platforms if MS had to help the Devs financially? Atleast it is coming out on other platforms unlike the moneyhatted SFV which Sony was supposedly help develope which i call BS on.

Anyway TR is a game worth playing regardless of platform.

One is a game that was "moneyhatted" after it was mostly completed so they could compete with uncharted 4.

One is a game that wouldn't actually exist (at least in 2016) without all of Sony's help.

So one is delayed because of the money spent, and one is actually coming out much earlier because of the money spent.

Vastly different.

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