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Mr Puggsly said:
Bandorr said:

Actually one of the definitions is that. "(used to denote people in general):". Like for example :'the marvels of science that we take for granted.'.

Not to mention that by using "we" you are speaking for other people. Even those that could agree with you - probably won't like other people doing their speaking for them.

So in both instances 'we' is wrong. It also comes off as fairly pretentious. By claiming to be speaking for multiple people you aim to make it seem like your opinion is bigger than others.

That was a one on one conversation, not a speech.

But generally speaking, most people find this month underwhelming. Now PLEASE start an argument about that opinion.

So you don't find it strange to use a "plural" word like "we" when having a ONE on ONE conversation? You are in essence assuming the rights to speak for everyone in a "one on one" conversation.

The need for you to be so hostile about wanting to speak for a group of people involving your opinion is coming off as a need for your opinion to be a fact.

Some people have expressed disinterest in the indies, others have expressed interest. To go beyond that seems like you are trying to force your opinion as afact.

Seeing as how this discussion can't really go further (or farther i'm not actually sure which) - i will be no longer responding to you and this line of discussion. Good day.

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