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JRPGfan said:

Its just.... 3D transistors (finFETs) add so much, the jump from 28nm -> 16nm is massive.

Maybe its a pipedream... but I really wish nintendo would do 16nm FinFET, and aim for 50% more performance than a PS4, and use like 8gb of Hybrid memory cube ram, with a APU useing newest proccessor design from AMD.

Then just release the console around 450$ or so (with a standart controller).

Last year's phones (Samsung Galaxy S6) were already using 14 nm CPUs, so this is obviously possible.  If the price breakdowns are believable, you can build the Galaxy S6 for about $290.  Since consoles don't need a built-in screen, that cost can be put towards a better GPU / better RAM.  But again, I am not getting my hopes up, since Nintendo does not seem to want to use cutting edge technology.  Heck, they may be better off releasing a $249 home console that is on par with the current gen.

Price breakdown for a Samsung Galaxy S6: