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DM235 said:
JRPGfan said:

Wii U is a 45nm chip..

If Nintendo went with a 16nm FinFET single chip (apu), they could probably cut that 75watts down by ALOT (like down to 20watts or so).

Good point, although Nintendo most likely wouldn't go with the latest (and most expensive) designs.  For example, Intel was shipping 22 nm Ivy Bridge processors in 2012, while Nintendo used 45 nm for the Wii U.

A 28 nm design is more likely, so that would bring it down to about 45 Watts.

Its just.... 3D transistors (finFETs) add so much, the jump from 28nm -> 16nm is massive.

Maybe its a pipedream... but I really wish nintendo would do 16nm FinFET, and aim for 50% more performance than a PS4, and use like 8gb of Hybrid memory cube ram, with a APU useing newest proccessor design from AMD.

Then just release the console around 450$ or so (with a standart controller).