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Pavolink said:
I don't get why is people is mad (or envy) that we Nintendo fans has something to disscuss considering the company is silent.

No one here is mad or envious. There has been many, many NX threads on these forums for the past months. It's not a problem to see one or two threads from time to time. But when NX threads occupy 3/4 of the Hot Topics, it gets tiring and demotivating and it feels like one doesn't want to participate in any posting. NX rumors, will NX have paid online, will the NX have an optical drive, which games will be on the NX, if Zelda will stay on the Wii U or go to the NX, why Zelda on the Wii U is better-- it gets annoying. It's not the participation that annoys me, it's the number of threads for it that could be reduced on two or three official ones. I'm not hating on the console or Nintendo, but I'm not interested on it, and the flood of threads is not making me any more interested for it.