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Baryonyx said:
Semmie said:


U feel offended way to easy. Music is a matter of taste. I like sepultura and clawfinger. But ye gotta admit some of them scream. And u know thar aint plesant. And it doesnt give the impression of someone talented. 


Celtic frost scream as well. But they got thar skill of how to scream. And they can sing as well so. 


Metal is a good genre. But there is a lot of diarhea inthe biz. 

More ignorance? There are so many genres that doesn't scream vs the genres which they do not scream, that the entire bases around metal should not be famous for their growl's and scream's. Also the best way to actually tell a person is to actually be up-front about it.  You brought up scream as an argument to describe metal, which simply tells me you don't have a clue except from the few bands that you like. 

I am not *offended*.. I am exasperated over people who dedicate a entire thread on VGchartz which is about Gaming in general to complain over Screamo, which isn't even metal in the true sense of the genre metal, it leans more towards the evolutionary tree of hardcore punk in the late 90s and early 2000, which to me seem to be a unnecessary trolling, simply because the conversation could have been more relevant else-where. Also, Linkin park isn't metal, so why the fuck do he say he likes a few metal bands such as linkin park. If someone is so damn uinformend, i am glad he doesn't like it enough to be a part of something great, which isn't even controlled by corporations or any other poisones degrading form of capitalism, it's a community based community for the people who understand it and have the decensy to check-the-fact's before speaking out about things he *believes* that he know about, that is a good lesson in life. I don't go around speakling about other sources of music in any bad manner at all unless if i actually know what i talk about, i don't see a reason to do that!

Metal have been around since the 70s, there are over 80 sub-genres of Metal and metal is a sub-genre of Rock which got around 200 sub-genres. 
So basically it's quite wrong to narrow Metal down to Screams and growls which basically is as many genres as you can count on 1-2 hands.


U only confirm what i said. U r easily offended. Ive been listening this stuff since the early 80's stuff. Im not really making heavy metal a religion or dogma. Im listening to it and i actually really like it. Steve vai is good. Not only do i listen heavy metal but the guitar is a great tool in other music genres as well. 


U got indie games right? And how many of them r really great? Thats the point i wanna prove to u but u seem overly offended. The heavy metal genre is good and should be there. But there are plenty diarhea basement growl and screamers and punk rock basement fails that happen to be in the commercial market zone. I find it hard to believe that u like aaaaaaall metal. 


Im not provoking u. Just making a point so that u hopefully understand me. Calling me ignorant could be felt as an insult but u know im cool with u. I really am. Just chill bro. I aint even mad


Its music. And its a choice of what u like wether it be bread with cheese or a cucumber. Live and let live.