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mrstickball said: Great to see Crackdown and FFXII top the charts - 2 great games that deserve the sales. As for Sonic & The Secret Rings - Thus far, 3rd party software for the Wii has been doing OK, but not great. It'll be a test of the Wii to see if it can do near Red Steel in the US and do 300k in its lifetime or more. IMO, Sonic will get around 70-75k for Feb, and do about 250k in its lifetime in the US, but do well w/w to atleast get 500k.
wow! I'm excepting much more from Sonic since it sold pretty well on the GC in the US! I see it selling much more than 500k in it's lifetime. Maybe something like 700k. Or maybe my exceptations ar just too high for sonic

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