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If I had 300 more points you would have your "Xbox" fan in there top rankings ^^

Lets be honest here, whilst the idea is nice, there's really no "saving" the Xbox community on this site. I want to make clear that I think this site is no where near as bad as other sites out there but I no longer think this is a site a Xbox fan should consider anymore (I only joined this site due to the Xbox community at the time, never regretted that as I was able to meet and still talk to some wonderful Xbox fans). The good days are gone, anybody who was a regular of XBE can tell you just how much fun it was, even the mod who would tell us of for talking about achievements and stuff...(like what XD) couldn't derail that train. That level of community is gone and no amount of wishful thinking or threads like these is gonna bring it back. But no disrespect to XBR its a great thread.

"Wheel me out to the curb for garbage day"