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DucksUnlimited said:
FunFan said:

The PlayStation 4 is an Xbox under a different brand. It has more in common with the original Xbox than with the PlayStation 1 or 2. Also, SONY can model their division in the shape of a donut, It still doesn't change the fact Nintendo has always been their biggest source for inspiration.

What? They were inspired by the way the music division ran and decided to run the game division the same way, making that their primary inspiration. And I asked for an explanation, not for you to just say the same thing without providing any reasoning.

What you call inspiration is simply adopting a structure in which the company already ran. Inspiration means something/someone somehow made you think of an new Idea. Its not about copying what was already there, thats only inspiration in cynical terms. But Sony is great at that kind of inspiration, so you might be right.

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